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  • Expository Essay Questions – 24 Great Ideas

    An expository essay is pretty much what it says. It is an explanation of something or anything you choose. The article is supposed to help you learn something or elaborate on common knowledge. Whatever you choose to write about, just remember it must be supported by fact. You can write anything you want as long as you support it with fact. Most of the essay titles are in the form of a question since answers are all someone is looking for when they read the article. Here are 24 suggestions for articles and hopefully one of them can stir some interest:

    1. Why do children learn at different rates?
    2. Why should adoption be considered before terminating a pregnancy?
    3. Are students under more academic stress today than in earlier years?
    4. Can music affect your mood?
    5. Does your position within your family structure affect the person you are?
    6. Why do teenagers join gangs?
    7. Can we really use more of our brain than we are using?
    8. Is global warming a problem?
    9. Which is more important, exercise or diet?
    10. If you had a choice, would you live in the country or the city?
    11. Are video games destroying your kid’s childhood?
    12. What makes a good teacher?
    13. Can alcohol be worse than illicit drugs?
    14. Should the drinking age be raised?
    15. Was life easier 100 years ago?
    16. How has the internet changed the way we shop?
    17. How much social media should be involved in hiring an employee?
    18. What reasons have divorced increased in recent years?
    19. What makes a good friend?
    20. Can being part of a team make you a better person?
    21. Should birth control be free for teenagers?
    22. Should mammograms be free to all women?
    23. Can one person change the world?
    24. Can video games help or hurt learning?

    There are trillions of questions that you can write an expository essay about. The research is necessary so you can substantiate any viewpoint you take on any of the questions. If you are going to write a successful article, research your topic and make sure you have facts that back up your statement. Create an outline of your thesis so your work will flow nicely and you will have cohesiveness in your study. Just make sure you back whatever you write and your essay will be one you can be proud of.

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