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  • Top 10 Innovative Essay Writing Prompts For College Students

    It is not always easy to find writing prompts that can help you decide what to write your paper on. When you have a list of the top ten innovative essay writing prompts for college students, you will be able to choose a topic and get started on your paper.

    1. You have a friend that is struggling to deal with a co-worker. What do you suggest they do to make things okay at work?
    2. You have been asked to write a paper regarding a new idea to improve your school. What suggestions do you make?
    3. You are sitting in a restaurant and you see a lady with a gun. What do you do?
    4. You are asked to design a program for your school store. What ways will you get your audience to take an action?
    5. You are the President for a day. What do you do to improve the World in one day?
    6. What is the most embarrassing moment that has happened so far?
    7. One of your good friends is going through a hard time. What advice do you give them to help them through it?
    8. You have been asked to repackage your favorite product to make it more marketable. What do you do?
    9. What do you think your biggest asset is?
    10. Think about your first day of school. How have you grown and changed during your journey to where you are now?

    Once you have chosen a topic, you will want to work on making an outline. It will give you the ability to organize your ideas effectively so that you can write a paper that flows nicely and one that is easy for your reader to understand and follow.

    Once you have an outline, you can start to write a rough draft. This is the first attempt at writing your paper. You can take a completed rough draft and read it through to find any mistakes. You will need to read it many times to make sure that it is saying what you want it to say. You can find someone to read it through as well to get some advice on where you may have written something that is hard to understand. If you can’t find anyone else to read it, try reading it out loud because you will find that you will catch more mistakes this way.

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