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  • A General View On A Rap Celebrity

    Rap is one of the most common forms of expression capable of delivering a powerful message through rhyming lyrics having the words chanted in a specific manner following a beat. The word had first been used in British English in the 16th century as a synonym for the verb “to say”, in the early 1960s the term was mainly used by African-Americans and became part of the African-American dialect of English, nowadays it is used to describe the music style. One of the most successful rappers is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. also known by his stage name Lil Wayne.


    Dwayne had a rough childhood. He was born by a young mother at the age of 19.His parents divorced two years later. During the elementary school he enrolled in a program for gifted children and also in the school’s drama club. He became acquainted with rap and wrote his first song when he was only 8. His talent became clear and he attracted the attention of Bryan Williams, a fellow rapper, and owner of a record company which Carter used to record several albums. Bryan became his mentor and their relation evolved to a father son like relationship. His first collaboration was at the age 11 with the rapper B.G. At the age of 14 he dropped out of school to pursuit his career in spite of being an honors student.


    His first band, Hot Boys, was formed in 1996 along with 3 other rappers. The band released 2 albums in 1996 “Get It How U Live!” and 1999 “Guerrilla Warfare”, last of which became their signature label. Carter was featured in several songs one of which “Back That Azz Up” reached No.18 on the Billboard Hot 100. His first solo album was released when he was only 17. It was rated as No. 3 on Billboard and later Recording Industry Association of America awarded him a platinum record. He continued to release albums in 2000 “Lights Out”, 2002 “500 Degreez”, 2004 “The Carter”, 2005 “The Carter II”. He also got numerous collaborations with different artists some of which include Bruno Mars, Rick Ross, Kelly Rowland .


    Lil Wayne has a successful and prolific career which continues to this day to deliver the message in the lyrics in spite of the rough early years.

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