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  • Composing A Strong Essay On The Conflict In Romeo And Juliet

    Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare’s creation par excellence, often gives an impression of a lyrical ballad even if the play is in prose form. It is a classic case of love at first sight which takes gigantic proportions as the lovers take on the world (in this case the warring families) for the sake of their love.

    Looking for direction

    While writing an essay on the conflict of Romeo and Juliet, you may a bit puzzled and yearn for a beacon. You may a find a great resource of assistance if you visit this website. The conflict, in the main; has both external and internal connotations.

    • Externally, the evident enmity between Capulets and Montagues makes readers easily note that the lovers could certainly not have merged with familial accord. Thus, they have two options; either to live life with the flow or to swim against the current and unite. This is a messianic conflict that keeps its running its course even in modern love lives.
    • The other conflict that Romeo and Juliet face is the clash with time and trends. It was a strict era and love marriages were scorned at. Thus, there is the continual thrush of the society on them, even without the angst that their families reserved against each other.
    • One of the sentient conflicts arises out of reader’s sensibilities. Should lovers be made to face such fates on account of war-minded and parochial family members? When it is the lovers who would spend their lives together; should not the unifying decision be left to them? Yes, you can make concession for the time and tide (the story is based in Elizabethan era), but the inflexibility hurts!
    • There is another awkward stretch, where the lovers take poison at intervals and then, following a grotesque confusion, die. Should Romeo and Juliet not have taken a saner route? It almost is untenable that such a love was planned to bear fruit through such internal violence.

    Depth of love

    You can emphasize on the actual conflict between the two families and the ploys they use against each other; but that would stretch the essay on a rather linear narrative. When you speak of love; you speak of depth. The layers have to weave in like waves of the ocean, enveloping the texture of the story in its midst.

    Go through the play and try understanding the inner meanings hinted at by the Bard. He was a master of it.

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