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  • Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

    Marijuana legalization has been a long standing debate in the United Status. While there are plenty of supporters there are plenty of people who are against it as well. People who are in favour of the legalization of the plant argue that it might bring the nation’s most farmed cash crop out from under the black economy. This might result in more jobs and better regulation of how and where it is sold. They argue that it should be regulated in the same way as alcohol and tobacco are. They believe the legalization might just reduce the possibilities of disproportionately harming the youth and people of colour because there will be a proper system of rules regarding it.

    At present the illegal use of marijuana has resulted in needless costs and corrections. This could all be combated if it would be legalized. The government would even earn from it because it would generate millions of dollars in tax revenue since it is one of the most sought after crops. At present there are five jurisdictions namely; Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Washington D.C. that have made it legal for marijuana to be owned in small amounts.

    The Case Against Marijuana Legalization

    While there is definitely plenty to support legalization, the opposition also makes quite a compelling case. They argue that allowing marijuana might make it too accessible to people who want it. This might ultimately make it easier for people to slip into drug addiction without a hindrance. They further argue that the same has already happened with alcohol and tobacco. Once they were turned into profit making industries there was no stopping people from become addicts. These industries made most of their profits from users who were heavy smokers and drinkers. They believe that marijuana legalization will lead too much of the same.

    There have also been recent studies emerging that claim that marijuana is actually extremely bad for the brain. One such study from North-western University claims that many chronic marijuana users have abnormal brain structures similar to patients with schizophrenia.

    On a societal level, drug users have proven to be prone to dropping out of school and lead unproductive lifestyles. Recently a study documented the effect of marijuana on 129 college students who used the drug frequently. They were shown to have diminished memory and attention deficits.

    While both arguments have their pros and cons it is debatable that legalizing marijuana might leave adverse and irreparable effects on the society.

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