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  • Power In The Early United States

    The United States has almost always been spoken about in references with power. It is believed at the same time however, that power in the United States has always had something to do with money. Hence, in a nutshell since the very first day it is believed that whoever has the money or the finances to inflict a certain kind of response from the masses is the one that holds the power.

    George Washington

    This man was considered the most prominent and perhaps the largest landowner in the United States back in his own time. By the end of the nineteenth century he accumulated several resources such as:

    1. Oil
    2. Agribusiness
    3. Finances and above all
    4. Other several natural resources.

    This is believed to be a major reason why he was elected as president and given the power he even exploited. The way the mind and understanding of the voters was exploited is what identifies the idea of power in the United States.

    The Networks

    Other than presidential power, it is also believed that there are other several elements that control power in the United States. These can either be called branches or more technically the large networks. These networks of induced power were:

    1. The economic rules of interest
    2. The idea that there was no singular large scale church as it is in other countries and states.
    3. No government was ever extended as too big as it was in other places.
    4. And above all the absence of military rule especially after 1940 – hence the government that was, was never threatened.

    Right To Vote

    The greater part of all, there is free discourse and the privilege to vote. While voting does not as a matter of course make government receptive to the will of the dominant part, in specific situations the electorate has possessed the capacity to place restrictions on the activities of the affluent elites, or to choose which elites will have the best impact on arrangement. This is particularly a probability when there are differences inside of the higher circles of riches and impact.

    In this way, it is generally closed by most influence experts that chose authorities, alongside "vested parties" like "sorted out work" and "shoppers," have enough "countervailing" influence to say that there is a more open, "pluralistic" appropriation of influence as opposed to one with rich individuals and companies at the top.

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