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  • Helpful Hints On How To Improve University Essay Writing

    Writing a really good university is one of the many ways students can set themselves apart from others and show-off their intelligence on any of a number of subjects. Writing at this level is more challenging than the assignments one encountered in high school, and usually requires a lot more commitment and hard work. Here are some helpful hints to help you improve your university essay writing so that you are always earning the highest possible grades:

    Read several other academic works

    Many professional writers have stated that one of the best ways to learn the craft of writing in different styles is to read works in those styles, great university-level pieces can be written through reading academic pieces found in journals. This simple exercise will help you start thinking like a professional academic writer, making the process a lot easier to achieve.

    Expand your vocabulary

    Building your vocabulary will help you express your ideas in more direct and creative ways. This is just what is expected of you in higher education. Learn how to effectively use a dictionary and a thesaurus. The trick is not simply using a word because it sounds academic to select a word because it is the best way to express exactly what you mean to say.

    Develop your arguments

    Another way of improving your writing is to learn how to develop and present your arguments. Most of the papers you see at this level will ask you provide some original argument that you must set out to prove is correct compared to other arguments. You do this through the use of critical logic and clear presentation. Vary your language in order to bring your writing to life.

    Use the elevator pitch technique

    This technique asks you to sum up your argument into what you can imagine would be a 1 minute ride in an elevator. The “elevator pitch” is used a lot in business and it can be a highly effective way of learning how to break down an argument to its simple and prime elements. Use this to create your outlines and you’ll see that your writing will be better structured.

    Practice syntax, tone, and punctuation

    Sophisticated sentence structures can make a lot of difference in the way you write. Pay attention to how professional academic writers use syntax, tone, and punctuation to present their arguments. Practice writing your own sentences using these structural elements in different ways and notice how the meanings of your ideas change with each one.

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