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  • Google Search Engine

    Google search engine as often used today is a web search owned by Google Inc. Searching is by far the most popular activity experienced amongst the internet users. Search engines have become part and parcel of people in today society. Such can be the case with Google; indeed Google has defined searching to an extent that people they “Googled” to mean searching something on the internet. Its main purpose is to hunt for the text in all publicly accessible documents that have been offered by the web servers. Google search engine provides other several features other than the searching of words. These includes weather forecasting, time zones, maps, sports score, earthquake data stock quotes, synonyms, airports, movie show times and home listings. Google faces stiff competition from some other search engines despite its dominance. Its main rivals are Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo. The frequencies of use of Google search engine have been described to correlate with the notorious flu outbreaks.

    Google Search engine and privacy

    Any search made by the search engine leaves traces that have brought about the issue of privacy. Most people still fear that in case the information they search on the search engine is found by the state agencies or malicious hackers. Lawbreakers have been detected and prosecuted for searching information linking them to different cases. Any search leaves a trace both on the computer and the search provider. Google search engine providers keep logs that relate to an IP address and time. The access to this information is subject to different legislation by various jurisdictions and work practices whereby the law may prohibit, mandate or stay silent about logging of various types of information.


    Google’s rise to prominence is due in large part to the use of PageRank, which is an algorithm that assists in ranking web pages that relate to a given search. Page rank uses a system that checks the backlinks to decide the importance of the web page. Google search engine has evolved significantly over the years adding other secret criteria that help determine page ranking. PageRank algorithms analyze links generated by people assuming that the web pages linked from different relevant pages are by themselves important. From Google search engine perspective, most people do not want to be given answers to their question but what Google search engines to explain to them what they ought to do next. This has made Google search to favor their products instead of giving the customer what they need from their searches.

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