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  • Anti-Antisemitism In America

    America's diverse culture is an astonishing characteristic that is not common in many countries in the world. It is a home to many people from different places around the world. America has however come a long way for all these people of different cultures t o be living together in the same nation. This was not the case in some years back. Jews are one group of people that have faced the most difficult times in America. They have been victims of discrimination and hatred. This is what is commonly referred to as the anti-Semitism. Antisemitism has led to great of resistance of acceptance by the Jews living in America. Its history dates back to during the civil war when leaders of regions like Kentucky and Mississippi ordered for the Jews living in these regions to be driven away. Polls conducted across America show that people regard the Jews very low. Most of the people believe that the Jews are pushy, dishonest and greedy. This has seen to them being discriminated from some employment positions and college chances. America has had many movements against the Jews. The most common is the 1920s Ku Klux Klan that was led by Henry Ford.

    Human Rights Activists

    After the civil war, some elite Jews started to campaign for equal rights for all the Jews living in America. This was the beginning of the anti-antisemitism. Many Human rights activists were active in fighting for the rights of the Jews and other minority groups in America. In the 1980s, the magnitude of hate crimes had increased. This called for an immediate action by the federal government. In 1990, the Federal Hate Crime Statistics Act was formed. This became law in 1998. It required police officers to be trained on the different types of hate crimes and ways of combating them. It also put strict punishments for hate crime perpetrators. The authority was required to conduct data collection exercises to see if the trend in anti-Semitism was improving in any manner.

    The New America

    After a spirited fight by all the stakeholders, the situation of anti-Semitism in America has changed. The number of cases reported has decreased. The form of crimes has also changed with only a few public acts being reported today. Jews can today enjoy same rights as the Native Americans. Anti-anti-Semitism should now be employed in colleges in America. These are the only common public places that still experiences hate crimes.

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