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  • The Matrix

    The Matrix is a versatile movie franchise which appeals to many different people. It is a science fiction and action movie, written and directed by the Wachowski brothers. Initially, it began with the 1999 film, The Matrix, but soon followed with two sequels. The franchise has been considerably successful and has reaped over a worldwide grossing in the box office of 1.6 billion dollars.

    Facts about The Matrix:

    • The film series actually initially started as a comic book.
    • The directors wrote the series as a comic book and incorporated a great deal of things they liked. This explains conglomeration of seemingly different aspects, such as Kung-Fu, anime, and science fiction.

    • The city in The Matrix is Australia.
    • That’s right. The unnamed city was where the entirety of the film was shot, both inside and outside. The reason they did this was because it would vastly lower the budget for filming due to taxes.

    • The writers had the actors read philosophy books before production started.
    • Strange, no? The Wachowskis actually did have the stars read several works of philosophy in order to give them a better understanding of the dystopian world they would be living in. Amongst the philosophers was Jean Baudrillard, whose book makes a cameo in the film when Neo uses the book to hide illegal computer files in.

    • The main characters did their own stunts.
    • Neo and Trinity, two of the main characters in the franchise, were asked to do their own stunts. This again stems from the Wachowskis avid love of Kung-Fu, where the actors perform the stunts on screen.

    • They did go to a S&M club to shoot filming.
    • The scene where Trinity and Neo initially meet was actually filmed in a fetish club in Sydney, Australia. The club was called The Hellfire Club.

    • Woo-ping Yuen was hesitant about joining the series.
    • Yuen acted as stunt coordinator for the project, and from first glances, he was not interested in joining the project. He assumed that by asking for a ridiculous amount of money as a fee would make the Wachowskis uninterested or understand the hint, but he was paid his bluff and joined.

    The Matrix is a world renowned film franchise loved and disliked by many. It’s gargantuan success in the box office speaks for itself, however, and even after a decade from its initial release, people are still talking about and discussing the movie, the concepts behind it, and the minds who created it – and for good reason.

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