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  • Plato And Descartes


    Plato talks about a theory that involves two complex layers. He introduced a concept in philosophy in which he declared that a man’s idea of what was real existed in two stratums. These were:

    • The five senses one possesses, sight, hear, smell, taste and touch. And the other form was

    • The one that existed through ideas.

    He believed that everything there was anyone chose to see was actually absent. The truth of the matter according to Plato was that whatever one saw in reality existed in a completely different realm and projected itself in its most imperfect interpretation in front of the human eye. An example of this is if one sees a table or a pen, what they actually perceive is an imperfect rendition of the most perfect pen and table they have in mind.

    He believed that reality lay beyond everything humans saw on a daily basis. He declared through his work that the things that men associated with were mere shadows of what they wanted to see as the object itself lacked the complete thing-ness it should entail. This is what gained Plato a lot of popularity in his time and helped other philosophers explore the concept too.


    Descartes theory is often looked at separately based on his own hypothesis. He declared that the human mind and the physical body shared a mutual relationship of understanding while also being divided distinctively. Through this ideology he explored the concept that the two do influence one another and are somewhat even responsible for how the other is likely to respond to certain situations.

    He believed that though the two did act in a manner that was influenced by one another; they also held certain power even in the way one responded without the link with the other. He believed it was this constant influence that made the union such a unique and complex one to deconstruct and understand. It is this theory that helped him come up with the notion that the way the body worked was not in isolation with the signals the mind was sending and vice versa. In a nutshell, Descartes when explored the soul and the body he believed that it was the way the mind worked that entirely controlled the way the human body functioned.

    Hence, when looked at the two theorists it can be said that where Plato believed in ideas existing through the five prevalent senses, Descartes believed in the proverbial one.

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