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  • 4 Not-So-Obvious Ways To Get Good College Essay Samples

    It is sometimes difficult to find good college essay samples. There are millions of essays out there but it is hard to know which ones are good ones. Everyone knows the internet is the first place that everyone looks for examples but there are other places to look as well that some people may not thing about.

    1. Your parents – By the time you are in college, you may think your parents don’t know anything and you know everything. But what you fail to realize is that many of your parents went to college as well and essays are not new to the college experience. I wouldn’t doubt your parents may have college work tucked away in a box somewhere, especially things that they thought were done well. Talk to them and tell them what you need and see what they say. You will be surprised at how many of them will have something they would love to share with you.
    2. Book stores – You may find many examples in old books that are for sale in a book store. Outdated text books is one thing you may find in book stores that will have a wealth of samples you can look at and the book will be reasonably prices as well. Again, essays have been around for years and they haven’t changed so if you find an one of your older brother or sister’s English textbooks, they may be of help too.
    3. High school teachers – Some of you may have teachers that you enjoy spending time with and have actually become friends with. Remember they all went to college and would love to help you with samples of essays. They may have books with them or they may be able to show you some of their own. Either way, they can a great help and you will get to catch up on old times also.
    4. Library archives – There are many books and famous people that have written many essays that are vital and should be read and their style followed. Reading famous people’s essays gives us a sense of history and puts the essays into a context you wouldn’t get just by reading a reference book on essays.

    The internet is always the best bet when you are trying to find good examples of essays but these not-so-obvious places can teach you many more things than how to compose an essay if you take the time to enjoy them and the people who supply them.

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