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  • How To Write An Essay In 10 Easy Steps – A Guide For Dummies

    Writing any essay is a process that goes beyond penning down the words. It begins long before you have written any word and will continue further after you put the last period on your paper. Here are tips that will make it easier for you to complete the paper and apply to both amateurs and professional writers.

    1. Read the Instructions Thoroughly
    2. Everything you do on your paper should be guided by the instructions issued by the teacher. The topic, formatting style, length, etc should be guided by specific instructions issued by the teacher. These instructions are used alongside the standard format.

    3. Choose a Nice Topic
    4. The ease with which you write the paper depends on the topic you choose. Ensure that it is relevant, fresh, strong and specific. It should be within your area of study and must capture your intended perspective.

    5. Research on the Topic You Have Selected
    6. Evaluate several texts on the subject you are handling. Note the authors and ideas that support your point of view. Extensive reading ensures that you make strong arguments that are based on facts.

    7. Create an Outline
    8. An outline gives a hint of the flow of ideas from the introduction to the end. It also provides a logical flow of ideas ensuring that the strongest appear at the top to make your arguments more appealing.

    9. Begin Writing
    10. It is only by actual writing that your essay will take shape. Write the first word, sentence, paragraph and eventually your paper will be complete.

    11. Follow a Consistent Formatting Style
    12. A consistent formatting style allows the reader to easily follow your arguments. Check the instructions given by your teacher to establish the desirable formatting style.

    13. Countercheck Using Samples and Examples
    14. Samples and examples help you in constructing your sentences, titles, paragraphs, etc. It also helps you to know what to do or confirm that you are doing the right thing.

    15. Consult Whenever Necessary
    16. Avoid wasting time if you do not know what to do. Consult your seniors, teacher, classmates, online or other resources that may be available.

    17. Complete the Work in Time
    18. Ensure that there is ample time between completing the work and handing it over. This will prevent a last minute rush and also allow you to handle any emergency without missing the submission deadline.

    19. Remember to Edit
    20. Editing helps to eliminate typographical and grammatical errors from your essay. You may consider the assistance of a third party to enjoy the benefits of independent views.

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