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  • Easy Ways To Find An Example Of A Good Descriptive Essay

    Descriptive essays ask the writer to describe objects, places, feelings, people, experiences and situations. They allow the writer to use their artistic skills to paint an image vividly using words and phrases. However, if you have no experience with writing these kinds of essays, the best way to learn is by reading examples of already written descriptive essays. Below are ways to spot a good essay from this genre.

    Read a lot of books

    Every day you will encounter a paragraph or an essay in a book that is descriptive in nature. And it doesn’t matter what kind of book you read, most of them have good essay examples. Fictional books for instance will have multiple examples of descriptive paragraphs, and the same will apply to Geography and science books. However, if you don’t have the time to read all kinds of books, there are specific essay books meant to teach people how to write specific essays.

    Magazines and newspapers

    If you love reading newspapers or magazines, then you shouldn’t have problems writing descriptive essays so much. Hardly can you peruse a newspaper page without coming across a descriptive article. Whether it is a ‘how to’ article or it is a story of a blazing five in the neighbourhood, newspaper have numerous articles that show people what happened through words and pictures. Another thing worth noting is that it doesn’t matter how old the newspaper or magazine is, what matters most is the content in it, and most importantly content related to what you are after.

    Online journals and education websites

    The Internet is another great place to find essay examples no matter what journal you are after. If you key in words related to free descriptive essay examples on your search engine, you get numerous results that can help you with your writing needs. And the biggest advantage with the Internet is that you get so many and diverse essay samples, most of which are relevant to you.

    Ask friends and classmates

    Maybe you are not good at essays, but to someone else, writing is a passion. Ask a few friends in your school for essay examples and you would be surprised at just how good some of them are in writing. Friends and schoolmates can also be a great resource when you want to write your own essay.

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