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  • Simple Advice On How To Write A Personal Essay For Graduate School

    In case of equal academic background and test scores, a personal essay can become a determinant for your acceptance. Consider the following tips that will help you write an outstanding paper.

    • Gather information about your school.
    • Visit the website of your school to study general information about it. You can also talk to faculty members or find the students who took a course at that department. Get a clear idea of the requirements for applicants’ personal essays. You may be asked to dwell upon a particular topic or just write your biography. Read what your school requires and expects from you. Get to know about the structure, volume, and format. If there are no specifics, then the first general recommendation is to write a short paper covering only the essential aspects of your academic and personal life.

    • Know your audience.
    • You have special readers who will scrutinize your paper as no one else. Keep in mind that the admission officers read a lot of papers every year so your task is to make your essay stand out. Imagine that they are your interviewers who don’t ask questions but only listen to your story. You have to anticipate the points they are interested in and dwell upon them.

    • Keep it personal.
    • Apart from you, there are other applicants with the same grades and test scores. It’s your personal essay that can make a difference. The admission officers are also interested in you as a personality. You should persuade them that you’re a perfect candidate for the program of your choice. Even if you’re writing on a given topic and answering the prompt questions, you should link them to your personal experience. Write about your academic accomplishments and personal achievements; tell how your previous studies influenced your professional views and career expectations.

    • Brainstorm your ideas.
    • It’s always hard to get started. Gather your thoughts by answering questions like “What distinguishes you from other applicants?”, “Why did you choose this very field?”, “How did your undergraduate studies prepare you for graduate school?”, “What are your plans for the future?”, and so on.

    • Write sincerely.
    • It’s very important to write about your own experience, aspirations and plans with sincerity. When explaining why you’re applying for a particular program, don’t overpraise your institution. Committee members will read through many works attempting to flatter the school. Be original and write about how you can contribute to the school, and what makes you a good fit for them.

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