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  • Helpful Hints For Writing An Essay On Technology For Better Life

    Composing an essay on technology for a better life can be fun or you can spend hours writing and re-writing your draft. You can have trouble because you lack time, guess what your professor would like or dislike about your paper, or have a topic that you are not passionate about. Either way, the following hints will help you finish your assignment successfully.

    How to Complete Your Essay About Technology Easily

    You should focus on writing an interesting essay instead of trying to create something “good enough.” Use the following 8 helpful hints to have fun while working on your assignment:

    1. Write about technology that makes your life better. This simple hint will allow you to bring something personal to your story.
    2. Study some resources related to a chosen topic before you start writing an outline. This will save your time and help you develop a stronger argumentation.
    3. Ask around about a chosen technology. Your friends and family members could provide you with great ideas to write about in your paper, so brainstorm together.
    4. Create an outline that includes five most important sentences, such as your thesis, two or three key ideas, and a concluding sentence. Then, add some details and transitions.
    5. Use statistics, expert reviews, and personal interviews to gain some data for analysis. To get an A, you should select great evidence that a technology, you write about, truly makes people’s lives better.
    6. Start writing with your body. You are likely to procrastinate if you start writing your first draft from the introduction, so try to compose the body paragraphs first and then come back to finish your opening.
    7. Answer a “How?” question. In your essay, you should explain the way how a chosen technology helps people and what problems it solves.
    8. Create your rough draft quickly. Even if you jump around, you will have some time to correct everything when you edit.

    Final Comments and Vital Don’ts

    Do not hesitate to get a writing manual if you have poor writing skills. There, you will find a vital advice on what the main don’ts are. For example, try to avoid the first person voice, clichés, “to be” verbs, passive voice, and slang. However, it is fine to use some technical jargon if appropriate.

    Another important don’t is that you should not write in a hurry. By doing so, you make mistakes and typos, so you may spend forever proofreading your essay. Just take your time, plan what you have to do, and use the aforementioned hints.

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