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  • Guidelines On How To Write A 5-Paragraph Essay In Middle School

    Writing a 5 paragraph essay is a pretty easy, straight forward job. The name says it all. There are things that will become pretty hard though if you do not pay attention, so taking this into consideration is a very wise thing to do before getting started. Focusing on this task will make the process smoother and more productive, so do not think that this will only be a piece of cake and you will be done with it in no time. It might be true, but it will keep you from doing a great job, and you will only settle for a good job.

    Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing.

    1. The introduction. This is your way of getting the reader interested in your essay. Here you should try to present a mini-outline, a basic and general idea about what the essay is all about. You should not give arguments now, just present the idea. After that, make sure that you what reader's call a "hook" a transitional statement between the introduction and the first paragraph.
    2. The first paragraph. This should contain the cleverest information you have, the strongest argument you can present about the topic that you have already mentioned in the introduction. Make sure that you do the same "hook" statement at the end of this paragraph, and plus, you should try and open with an "reverse hook" which will tie the first one from the introduction to the first paragraph. This system of H-R.H-H-R.H etc will be present through the entire essay.
    3. This one should bring about, obviously, the second most clever idea, or argument. This does not mean that it's a less important argument, but you should present things in a manner that, if done right, would connect everything together. So the second argument would not make a lot of sense without the first. Same hook and reverse hook is used here
    4. The third paragraph. This should contain the "weakest" argument or the not so clever information. This does not mean, again, that this is not important, since combining it with the other two it will complete the puzzle.
    5. The conclusion. This should include a recapitulation of the thesis, the arguments given, how they connect, and the final result that came about from those arguments.

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